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You guys, vellum is so last year. Ok not really I still love using vellum, but this year you have to try printing on transparency film. It's basically like what your teacher used on the overhead projectors in school (if you're old like me then you'll remember this). Anyway there is a specific type of transparency film you have to use if your printing on an inkjet printer. It must have a "rough" side that is made up of a bunch of tiny dots you can't see, this let's the film soak up the ink and dry quickly. If you were to try to print on a piece of plastic the ink would never dry. You can feel the rough side to the touch but you can't see it. 

Here's a link to the transparency film I ordered /

I haven't tried any other brands, but I'm sure I won't need to because I love they way these are working for me. The ink prints super vibrant and it's so satisfying! For my cover page I used cards from the W–17 collection, and only stickers from my minimalist scrapbook kit. My album is 6x8 again and this one is an old handbook I had from Studio Calico. I will try to link everything or something similar down below.

My cover page is simple and that's what I wanted this year, to simplify the process. I love to include a selfie in my cover page, and throughout the album over the year. I think it will be fun to look back and see the trends, how I styled my hair or what I wore, etc. I think sometimes albums with "too many" selfies get judged harshly, like oh that person is really into themselves. But I don't think that at all, this album is for me so it should not only include photos of friends and family but also a ton of photos of me.

Another thing I like to do is write a letter to myself to read at the end of the year. Here I just used paper from an ace hotel paper pad I had sitting on my desk. Folded it into three sections, the first has accomplishments from last year, the second has things I'd like to accomplish this year, and the third space is left for me to say what I did at the end of the year. It's my way of making resolutions.

Links to products used/

Tips for printing on transparency paper/

  •  choose designs that are light in color to create overlays for photos, also heavy ink coverage can cause the paper to curl up.
  •  check your print dialog box settings, there's a paper type selection and you should set it to transparency film.
  •  make sure the textured side is the side that will be printed on (for me i have to face it down in the printer tray, but all printers are different)
  • let dry completely before trimming to size
  • when trimming, place a white sheet of paper under film to make the cut lines visible, also turn upside down to avoid smudging ink.

Don't cut all the way to edge, follow the numbers and crop marks and keep cards connected to an edge until the last cut is made. This allows all the cards to stay put in the template and all the crop marks align correctly.

turn the side that has ink on it face down before trimming to avoid any smudging of ink, and keep it free of finger prints, because you can clean the side with no ink and easily wipe offfinger prints.





I'm not a minimalist, but I do like the side effects of having less stuff. Less to keep organized, less to clean, less to think about, just less. A couple years ago I stumbled across the blog Unfancy, it's about creating a capsule wardrobe, I quickly fell in love / became obsessed. A capsule wardrobe is having a small and intentional closet with a set number of pieces. You can switch clothing items out seasonally. I fold my spring/summer wardrobe and keep them in a drawer while my fall/winter wardrobe currently hangs in my closet. At the end of a season if I haven't worn and item I will sell or donate it and replace it with something on my want list. What's nice about this system is I know whats in my closet, I feel good in all my clothes, and I don't impulse shop at target anymore!

After going through that process it felt so good to have less to think about in my closet I wanted to feel that way in every room of our home. I started getting rid of anything we didn't need or use (not including art, books or decor, like I said I'm not a minimalist) but when I got to my crafting stuff I had a really hard time. What about my project life album? What if I get rid of these cards but they are the perfect fit for a layout in the future? I had several large totes of paper, thickers, stickers, project life cards, chipboard stickers, more paper, more stickers. (this is in part to my background as an in house graphic designer for American Crafts, sometimes they would bring "free" boxes into the studio and we would all rummage through them. And I would stock up) Well fast forward a few project life albums later and I still had a ton of that stuff just sitting around, collecting dust. So I went through it, sold some of it, and gave the rest to a friend who could use it for her classroom. It felt good to get rid of it, I thought ok I can still create a cool project life album and if I really need that perfect card for a layout I will just design one to fit and print it out, (fun fact, also the moment push print studio was born)

I feel like I'm rambling. Am I rambling? I haven't blogged in a while!

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So in 2015 and 2016 I created albums with less stuff, and it was great! I printed the cards I needed and used minimal supplies to embellish layouts. It can be done! And surprisingly, not once did I think oh shoot I should had kept all of that stuff I wasn't using.

That brings me to my 2017 project life plans. This year, less is more. I am challenging myself to use less, buy less, take less photos but make them more intentional and basically create a "capsule album". I took a long look at the supplies I currently have in my "studio" (the back half of our living room ha) and narrowed it down to 50 items. I boxed up the rest to put away as my "shopping" supplies, when I run out of something in my 50 items I will just shop from the items I have set aside. Same goes for when the seasons change, I will create a new set of supplies to document the new season and box up anything that doesn't make sense, like candy cane alpha stickers in June. I already feel like this is going to make the process of creating a layout much clearer in my mind. I won't have 30 different types of alpha stickers to chose from, I'll have a select few that I love. I also think this will create a more cohesive album, which is something I like to do. I am not trying to sell anyone on the idea of minimalist scrapbooking, I just wanted to share what my plans are for this year.

I'm keeping my supplies in a wood crate I had, here's my list:

  • thickers-5
  • alpha stickers-7
  • sticker sheets-4
  • embellishments/flair-5
  • phrase sticker-5
  • vellum paper (to be replaced when needed)
  • transparencies (to be replaced when needed)
  • roller stamps-7 (I really love roller stamps and thought I'd actually use all of these)
  • month stamp-1
  • acrylic block stamps-6
  • dymo label maker-1
  • thread and needle-1
  • washi tape-4
  • ink pads-2 (black and white)

What I'm not counting as supplies:

  • printer ink
  • stapler
  • printer
  • tape
  • sheet protectors
  • album
  • digital downloads

I'm actually really excited to create with less and looking forward to this year of minimalist memory keeping! I'll be sharing here on the blog how it goes. Does anyone else do this too? I'd love to hear your tips!

My 2016 Project Life Album

I thought it would be fun to put together a snapshot of my entire album from this past year. I always love looking through my project life albums at the end of the year. For the past few years I have been using a 6x8 album and love it. It's really the perfect size for day to day, since we don't have kids and we don't travel a ton I am mostly documenting my day to day life, weekends hiking, work, or really anything I can think of.

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new blog + this year

Welcome to the blog! I've been hesitant to start a push print studio blog mostly because it's one more thing for me to keep up on. But then I thought about how if I add to one area I can take away from another. So I will no longer be doing snap chat videos, posting to tumblr, twitter, or facebook. I know those are all big social media sites to be giving up but I can't be everywhere at once and that really is a full time job. I would rather share here and be 100% than try to share in 7 different media outlets and just sort of be there. I don't have social media manager or any other employees to help out at the moment since this is a side business, so it's all me baby! I will however be on instagram, forever and always because I'm addicted to it.

So what can you expect to see on the blog? Here I'll be sharing my project life layouts, inspiration, moodboards for upcoming collections, featured layouts, my favorite scrapbooking trends, and more. I'm not going to promise a certain number of post per week or anything like that, I will definitely be posting less frequent than bloggers who do this full time. I will just see how it goes.

What's in store for year 2 of push print studio?

  • 4 core collections W–17, SPR–17, SMR–17, F–17 / 24 total pages per collection / $20 a set
  • 2-3 Collab Collections / 12 total pages per collection / $10 a set
    • (these are with modern memory keepers who I adore and are interested in creating a collection with push print studio.)
  • 4 mini collections which include Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Years. / 16 total pages per collection / $14 a set

I hope you're as excited as I am for another year of layouts and new card sets!