new blog

Welcome to the blog! I've been hesitant to start a push print studio blog mostly because it's one more thing for me to keep up on. But then I thought about how if I add to one area I can take away from another. So I will no longer be doing snap chat videos, posting to tumblr, twitter, or facebook. I know those are all big social media sites to be giving up but I can't be everywhere at once and that really is a full time job. I would rather share here and be 100% than try to share in 7 different media outlets and just sort of be there. I don't have social media manager or any other employees to help out at the moment since this is a side business, so it's all me baby! I will however be on instagram, forever and always because I'm addicted to it.

So what can you expect to see on the blog? Here I'll be sharing my project life layouts, inspiration, moodboards for upcoming collections, featured layouts, my favorite scrapbooking trends, and more. I'm not going to promise a certain number of post per week or anything like that, I will definitely be posting less frequent than bloggers who do this full time. I will just see how it goes.