Hello again!


Hi there! It’s been a minute. I am so beyond excited for the new push print studio! And here’s what’s in store:

(a year)

6 collab sets

6 everyday / themed sets

4 seasonal sets (winter, spring, summer, fall)

2 holiday sets ( always christmas and the other holidays will rotate)

All sets are will launch the first of the month, collab sets and everyday sets will alternate after launch!

Individual cards/

set cards are not included in the individual tab, mostly to help people not accidentally purchase a double of a card. Also 4 new cards a month will be uploaded to the individual sets, designs will be uploaded in each size.


all sets will be the same price $10.

all cards will be .50, 6x8 pages will be prices at $1

Out with the old / new

you’ll recognize a lot of the sets, they have been edited down based on best sellers, if the set sold well I created a new set with a new color palette like you’ll see in the Sun Fade set.

again I am so excited to continue to share my art with you and launch new sets!

Caytlyn Chilelli